I had a dream this morning. I was talking to 60’s chic that is now her 70’s. I asked her if things are mutable? She picked up the concert edge of a sidewalk and said, I can put this in my oven or bury it in my back yard.

I went on to say, but there are things about myself I want to change. I want to be smarter, harder working and more productive. She just looked at me and smiled.

I learned two things from this dream:

1) God is a woman.
2) Yes, things are mutable but not in the way you think.

The essence of an object or person can only be changed with time and patience and only indirectly by changing the circumstances of its existence.

If you want to change yourself, look deep within and find those qualities you desire and then find an environment that nurtures those qualities so that they may flourish.

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