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Name: William A. McKee

Version: 3.12
GCS d- s:+>: a C++++$ UL/C/B+ P+ L++>$ E--- W++ N+ o?
K+ w---$ O? M++$ V PS+ PE Y+ PGP+ t+++ 5+ X++ R-- tv+ b+
DI++++ D+ G e>* h--- r+++ y?

I am a computer programmer amoung other things.

My life's work, since 1978, has been to create useful software and to that end I have been working (since 1984) on an Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) language learning tool which works like a text editor and dictionary only better.

Favorite comic:

  • Calvin sees both sides of an argument and gets sucked into a cubist version of the comic.
  • Dilbert (I get it delivered fresh to my inbox daily.)

  • I love coffee. I drink it in the morning. My nick on DALnet is coffeeman when I was into that sort of thing. I am pleased to see that it has node_id=13020, a nice low value. The Women's Petition Against Coffee is yet another reason I love coffee since I am also a man.

    I find spelling most perplexing:

      <wamckee> weird is a weird word ... isn't it i before e except after c or when it sounds like "a"
      <boi_toi> if you're a freaking English teacher from the 1950s
      <karmaflux> Neither is "protein." BUT WE LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT.
      <grundoon> there's five exceptions to that rule in the english language and I wish LIKE HELL!! I could remember them.
      <TenMinJoe> That damned rule is totally worthless
      <TenMinJoe> More like "i before e, except sometimes."
      <ReiToei> wherein
      <karmaflux> "Wherein" doesn't count, poop face.
      <boi_toi> "wherein" is just plain freaking cheating. PLAY FAIR :-P
      [Ed. we also see deity, vein and their come up in the chatterbox.]

    My twaddle content, like my weight, is a little on the high side. My New Year's Resolution is to lose weight and write more factual nodes.

    It's strange, really, how one's drunken ramblings seem so much less impressive in the sober light of the morning after.

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