Cornerstone is a four-day music festival held in Bushnell Illinois every year. The experience of attending cornerstone is unlike any other experience currently available. The fest runs from July 3rd to the 7th. It is on a big farm that some guy decided to turn into a festival grounds every year. People show up with their camping gear and hair dye and are pretty much just allowed to set up camp wherever they want to. There are tons and tons of bands, all of whom believe in God. The festival is not about Christianity or religion though. In fact I feel that it is a very anti-religious festival. The festival is simply just about Jesus. Sure there are tons of awesome concerts and bands and everyone is having fun. Not all of the bands have the right hearts either I will admit. There are many bands though that do understand the true meaning of the festival. Those bands are why the festival exists. Those are the bands that lead the most incredible worship times I have ever been to. A crowd full of skinheads and kids with mowhawks on their knees glorifying God. Those are the life changing experiences that make the festival so great. Those are the times that make people realize how stupid Christianity and religion really is. So thus there is a very anti-religious, pro Jesus feeling all about the grounds.

As far as the actual activities go, there are many. Every Christian rock band you can think of plays at it. There is a skatepark, a lake, and tons of sporting events to join in. There is just such a feeling of brotherhood there that many people simply find themselves hanging at other campsites the whole time. There is hardly enough time to do everything you would want to do. Cornerstone is the Christian rock mecca of the world. More information can be found at their web site

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