Michael Alfred Warnke, born November 19, 1946, orphaned in 1958, converted to Christianity in 1966. That is, if we can believe anything about Mike Warnke.

Mike Warnke is a Christian celebrity in the fundy world and a charlatan. His main claim to fame is allegedly being a former Satanic High Priest, and he wrote an autobiographical book published in 1972 called, The Satan Seller. It sold over three million copies and was widely accepted. This sensational book, which was completely exploded as a fraud twenty years later in 1992 by Cornerstone Magazine (http://www.cornerstonemag.com/features/iss098/warnke_index.htm), contributed directly to the Satanism Scare of the 1980s.

Mike Warnke is now on his fourth wife and continues to tour as a mediocre Christian comedian. Although he has been debunked, many Christians (and non-Christians!) are not aware of this or refuse to believe it, and the lies and concepts in the book continue to be preached in one form or another all over the world today. Besides The Satan Seller, he has several other books, tapes, and recordings, which have also crossed the million mark. Another bestseller of his is Schemes of Satan, published 1991.

His ugly, evil website may be found at www.mikewarnke.org if you wish to book a visit. Needless to say, his website is completely quiet about the fiasco.

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