Well, I got the job I interviewed for the other day. That's kind of cool. Network/System administrator for a software company with about 50 machines and 35 programmers. Of course, it will cut into my noding time drastically, but I won't have to teach rat bastard high school kids (e2 RBHSK's excepted). Just a hint for those who are still in high school, don't sleep in class. If you are that bored, don't go to school -- Quit!

This also means that I'll be moving my nodebase out of the cornfield, and into the (relatively) big city of Peoria, Illinois. Hahaha I know it's not a big city, but moving from a town of 2,500 to one of 150,000 is a leap. Peoria's more of a medium size city I guess, but I'm gonna go smack it down.