A trip into the city tonight left me with a sore throat and feeling worse than I did prior to departure, which wasn't exceptionally well, any way. The trip was fun, though, I have to say.. I managed to drag the parental figures and siblings as well as a friend out to play pool for a time. The pool tables we tend to frequent are in the bowling alley in Owen Sound, which is a dreamy place really.. they have glow in the dark bowling when it gets late enough, and play music the whole time, which I quite like. Too bad the music is mainly Britney Spear-ish stuff. I'd like to be in charge.. slap on some June of 44, possibly a little Cat Stevens..ahh, yes. I mingled with the glowing people, for a while, but they didn't notice.. even though my shirt was glowing like mad.

Well, after the pool playing was over with.. that is, we got quite tired of it (I'm an awful player any way), it was off to somewhere else because I really didn't want to head home right away. We ended up at Tim Horton's (a donut shop, for those who aren't familiar with the chain). It was around 11pm and filled with people who couldn't have been any less than 70 or 80.. this is alright, but doesn't make for the most exciting atmosphere. My dad and I were seated next to eachother.. he tends to "talk with elbows", that is to say, he nudges the person he's next to whenever he's talking. I decided to nudge him back. It got to the point where we were elbowing eachother right out of the seats after about ten minutes and laughing hysterically whilst the other people kind of stared at us with confused looks. I think they probably assumed we were intoxicated, and I guess we were in a way, intoxicated with the hilarity of it all. My dad commented on the fact that he wasn't looking forward to being that old.. and I said something to the effect of "pfft, you're still young" with a swift elbow to the side that nearly sent him out of his chair. Ahh, I love my dad. We told so many awful jokes.. it was terrible, just horrid.. you all should have been there!

After leaving the donut shop (not before we made complete fools of ourselves, mind you).. we headed to my uncle's house for a brief visit. He was watching people swimming on television with his crazy girlfriend who tries to kill herself every second weekend. (That's another story, though.) We burst in with our leftover Iced Cappucino's and tasteless jokes, saw his new house and his new guitar.. at least his girlfriend smiled a bit. I wish I could help her, or even get any sort of close to her.. she's so distant, so far away from everything and everyone except I suppose my uncle, and even he has trouble, I'm sure. They're both still so young, in their twenties.. I can't imagine what it must be like to live with someone who attempts suicide regularly, or to be that person. Ah well.. I recall saying that was another story before I started rambling.

Overall, this really wasn't a bad day.. nothing too shabby went on. I was intensely restless for a while but that faded and I was left with a fairly interesting evening. I still don't feel that well, though and will probably head off to dreamland shortly.

I love everything2.. and the people, the dreamy little humans who say such sweet things to me.. you know who you are.. thank you.