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  • I was Arsenio Hall and there were two soldiers coming after me and my partner but I don't know why I was worried - they got pretty close but their bullets had no effect - I know I was shot at least once but barely felt it. We had to get to the back side of the building, fast. We ran and ran and dodged around the cars and somersaulted down the hill and finally outran them.

  • The other women were speaking Spanish and she kept complaining about it, but finally the train put a notice on its side about people who speak Puerto Rican and she was happy, but it was getting pretty boring so I left.
  • My subconscious has a one-track mind at times.

    My face felt kinda funny, so I went into the bathroom to look in the mirror. My mouth and nose had become a splotchypine's muzzle. I looked closer into the mirror. My eyes had changed as well. The roots of my hair showed that they were becoming zebra-striped and stiff - my hair was turning into a splotchypine's quills.

    I noticed the pinkies had disappeared from my hands, and the thumbs had pushed forward. My fingernails were becoming jet-black claws. All of the hair on my arms was now splotchy-colored, though it wasn't yet fur, and the underlying skin was still how it was before.

    I took off my shirt. I had breasts, two pairs in fact, the upper pair furred with the zipples zebra-striped, the bottom pair just starting to grow in (only the nipples had appeared so far).

    I took off my pants. My penis had become a zebra-striped clitoris. My crotch was furred. Other than the clitoris I had no genitalia.

    I was turning into Pascal.

    three distinct dreams. all fairly awful:

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