I'm so tired of this drama.

Not at Everything, but at my real home. My roommate hates our new house (oh yes, but did she help me look for a new house, will she help me move or transfer any of the utilities over? Hell no!) She's just passive-agressively waiting until AFTER we sign the goddamn lease (she didn't bother to look at the house until afterward). Now, she finds out that its a one year lease (almost all leases on houses are, anyway) amd she freaked out. At 7 a.m. To be quite honest, I wasn't very sympathetic.

Why the hell should I be? SHE didn't look at the house before she signed the lease. SHE didn't READ the lease to see where it was very plainly printed that the term of the lease was for one year. Besides that, she's never around.

See ... my roommate (she's going to be one of three in the new house) is never there. I guess the most identifying facet of our frienship in the last six months has been her absence. She's ALWAYS with her boyfriend (and when I say always, I mean every single day - I see her about every two or two and a half weeks, on average. One month, I didn't see her for 23 days.) So I don't really see what she's bitching about. Realisticly, she uses the apartment to store her clothes and as a place to stay when her boyfriend's out of town or when he's boring her. So, does it really matter where she stores her stuff? Besides that, the house is cheaper and has a washer/drier (ahhh, rapture!).

Maybe I'm just punishing her because I feel neglected (although I really do like the house). Oh well ... if I am, I guess that's the little bitchy child in me.


I need to stop bitching. It's a beautiful day, it's Sunday and I am, for a change, not the slightest bit tired.

So, it's cool, right?