I am down to 167 pounds today!

See, only a few months ago I was at 175, and felt hopeless and stuck there. It was a major challenge to even get down that low from 180. (That is quite overweight, seeing as how I'm only 5'8".) I've been wanting to lose weight for a long time. I've felt unable to. I want to get some sort of feminine figure, and I'm hoping to get my weight down before I get on estrogen since that'll make the moving of fat easier (since there'll be less to move).

My goal is 160. At this rate it looks like I might be able to get to 150 eventually.

I've been using the eat watch program to monitor my weight, and half-assedly following The Hacker's Diet to have something worth monitoring. Here are some choice log entries:

13 march - beginning of file. Weight 175. Played racquetball for two hours.
14 march - Down to 171 (mostly water weight). Played racquetball for 1.5 hours, lifted weights for a while.
15 march - back up to 173.
Logs continue regularly until 28 march - down to 171. Have been there for a week. I lost the drive.

4 april - got back to regular weight-tracking. Weighed 170.
6 april - gained a pound from a party. 7 april - played racquetball for 1.5 hours. 8 april - back down to 170. Stayed there for a while. Lost hope again.

5 may - first entry since 13 april. Back up to 172. Got depressed. Isolated entry.
25 may - first since 5 may. Up to 172. Felt like a pig.
27, 28, 29 - 171, 170, 171. Still felt the 170 level was insurmountable. I was in Hong Kong at this time.

8 june - first entry after a while. I was at 168!
9 june - 167.5!
10 june - 168 again..
11 june (today) - 167!

That means I've lost almost 10 pounds in 3 months. That's too slow for my tastes, but then again, I've only been working at it half-assedly, and doing it mostly through reducing my caloric intake. It also helps that it's summer, and so I'm sweating a lot more. But still... 167 pounds... I still have quite a ways to go before I'll actually look healthy (or at least, not so fat), but at least now I have some renewed hope.