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biology, Unfinished Stories, trying to get Everything to run on my own server, getting the last word when what I really wanted was to find out other people's reactions, and verbal exhibitionism apparently
University of Michigan
"Not just a life-support system for a penis... I'll have you know I'm a DAMN GOOD life support system for a penis." --f1r3br4nd
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I wouldn't be here if my judgement wasn't clouded
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INTP future biologist currently working as a tech support guy. In my spare time, I... what spare time?

I just don't get it. Not that I'm complaining, but my three top-rated writeups are a random, off the cuff rant about how do you know when a boy wants to smooch?, my confession that I have been guilty of faking and orgasm, and defiantly accepting my role as just a life-support system for a penis. Meanwhile, my serious writeups-- the ones about here's what I hope to do with the Everything code or with something like it and I have an Everything server. Now what do I do with it? --and my Unfinished Stories project seem to get zero attention. Both those things are part of what's important and both of them can develop into something really interesting and entertaining.

I'm not an xp whore, I'll have you know I am a licensed xp escort.

I'm not a troll, I'll have you know I am a half-orc.

I'm not a cultist, I'll have you know I am one of iDeath's minions. Want some chocolate pudding?