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shmOOnkie pOOnks

My younger sister, by 16 months. According to my parents, armed with photographs to prove it, I was very attached to her when we were both young. Of course, I always suspected my parents just threw out the photos of when I set her on fire. I'm still looking for the negatives. Actually, in Filipino culture, family bonds are strong, and even before she was born, my parents told me how as the older child, I was expected to care for her. How could I resist? She was so darn cute.

When we were young, many people would mistake us for fraternal twins. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being oversensitive when I think it's because we are Asian.

We invariably got into the occasional argument, but it usually ended quickly and got resolved. We could never really hate each other, or even say we did. Whenever one of us would intentionally annoy each other, it was to get attention. I do remember one time when we were arguing and I retaliated at her physical attack by swinging a jacket at her. She got cut in the head by the zipper. I felt really bad about that, and of course, my mom gave me a pretty good ass-whupin.

Growing up, we were close not only because of blood, but I think, because we were alike. It wasn't until our teenage years when we found friends that came from a similar cultural background.

Now we're both adults. Even though we come from the same background, we agree on some things, and disagree on certain other things. I enjoy discussing things with her, because she doesn't hold back. She tells me things I should know, even if it will hurt, because it will help me in the long run.

One thing I don't understand about her is why she keeps going to church even though she complains about it. It's mostly a parents factor - they're ardent Roman Catholics. Yeah, she's an adult, but she's always her parents' child. It's a Chinese thing. Anyway, I told her she could just use me as a scapegoat (I'm pretty much the Antichrist to my parents) but she hasn't done anything about it.

I think out of everyone I know, she's the person that knows me best. If she ever decides to blackmail me, I'm screwed.

She's smart. She graduated college before I will. She knows how to direct her life. She will be successful.

I'm proud of her. I'm lucky to have her. I love her.

Well, getting more into riding my bike again, finally. Had to go to my networking class this morning, form 8->4, went from 8->noon. Access Control Lists and IGRP are going to be dragged out back and beaten severely.

Rode to girlfriends house, and back up to my place. Swimming, getting burned by the pool, inside for a little while. Rode a total of about 13miles today. About 7-8 of are uphill, much fun.
It's nearly 5 a.m. and I've been on E2 for the past 2.5 hours. My mood swings have been cycling rapidly, driving both my husband and I nuts. How rapidly? I've been bouncing from one pole to the other approximately every 6-8 hours. Such is my unmedicated life during pregnancy - the meds could harm or kill the baby. I'll glady endure this challenge. At least having been down this road before I've already learned some vital coping skills.

Hey, it's all good. Besides, I can still kick ass because I'm Aeon Flux!

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Booyaa noted that my EBU Snapshot was broken today June 4, 2000. Actually, it was never not broken. ;-} I do the stats semiautomatically, cut and paste with a spreadsheet. Hence, you may find the raw EBU stats for the day, if I'm late in calculation of the rest of the stats. Hmm ... Anyone care to give me a head start to autonoding on Perl5 in Win32? I've just got The Perl CD Bookshelf, but it'll take me a while to digest that and E2 cookie stuffs on my own.

sabre23t: Nodes to node

I wonder if she's doing it deliberately, to annoy me?

I was out with the family for dinner at some friends, and when we got home, my sis said she needed on the 'puter to do some work for uni. Fine, I'll just do some studying. No distractions in the kitchen, I thought, so I took some past papers and started work, with the radio on in the background.

After twenty minutes or so, sis arrives, and dumps a whole load of stuff on the table. Printouts, card, a toolbox, some cutting boards.

"I'm going to need to use this table, can't you go elsewhere?"
"Um, no, I'm working here"
"Fine, I'm telling mum"

She returns shortly after, and starts clattering around in some drawers

"Could you at least keep the noise down," I said as she turns off the music..

So, I get to the stage in my revision where I stop taking things in.. and decided to go and veg in front of the computer for a while. As I start to pack my stuff up...
"I'll be needing on the computer again soon"
(and, of course, since she's doing work for a final project which must be in tomorrow, I have no choice...

Today was the day his extension ran out. Today is the day he takes what he can carry and moves to Queens, to sleep on a sofa and live out of a bag for a month, to try to find a job, to learn to stand on his own feet finally. I don't know how i managed to be hard enough to make him go, and i know he was counting on me to give in.

But i didn't, and didn't expect it when i rounded the corner walking away from the bus station and found tears. I'd put so much energy into this. Everyone but him agreed that it was best for us both. But still - half the songs in my head are ones he introduced me to. This monitor was inherited from his parents. There's a box in the pantry with half of the goodbye cake they gave him at his last day at work. I expect to find him around the corner, sulking, smoking, sitting. But i won't.

And when i visit my friends in New York: how can i countenance not saying hello? I told him (and i meant it) that we're family now, part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time, i'm not giving up because i can't, and like a wayward brother he causes pain and triumphs but is not abandoned. Not in my world anyway. That's my family.

Anyway, the tears cleared up and i'm sitting here, waiting for the freedom to open me out, to descend, or to rise.

I made it up to Berkeley last night and stayed there in a ridiculously overpriced hotel. Now I'm in Fremont. Interesting stuff yesterday: Painted just like the Gore 2000 bumper stickers, in the middle of the desolate California desert I saw a sign saying Gonzo 2000. Heh.

The local motorcycle of choice is definitely the Ducati. I've seen more of them in the last two days than I had previously in my entire life. And also a multitude of very cute boys on bikes in leathers. Rrow.

I'm tired and frazzled and not having any luck finding an apartment (of course). I need a hug.
Today was my little brother's birthday. It seems a bit silly to still refer to him as my little brother, he's 21 now and almost a foot taller than I am. But he will always be my little brother.

I woke up to the sounds of John and Andy (my two brothers) laughing beneath my window. When I looked out into the yard I saw them standing there with my two sister, Becky and Brenda. The whole family was here and I wasn't even out of bed yet! I called out and asked what time it was. John said 4 o'clock. They always tease me because I sleep so late. I knew it wasn't four and I told him so. Becky yelled back, it's quarter to 3. I knew they were still teasing me so I half-unwillingly dragged myself out of bed to check. (I say half-unwillingly because I was really comfy in my bed and didn't really feel like getting up, but at the same time I was excited because my whole family was here!)

It was then that I discovered it was only 11:30AM and I immediately headed to the bathroom to start getting myself together. When I came downstairs mom was in the kitchen setting some snacks out and dad was out in the yard talking to a neighbor.

We spent the afternoon playing badmitton in the side yard. The dog kept getting in the way but no one cared, we were having too much fun. John's girlfriend appeared while we were in a heated match and she brought Andy's birthday cake, which she had made from scratch. Originally when my mom told me that Tracy was going to make the cake everyone was worried that I might get upset because I always make everyone's birthday cake. But I was really glad that she made it, it made her seem more like part of the family. Besides, it gave me an excuse to make my favorite fruit dip!

When we finally ate dinner it was such an awesome experience. There we all were: me, my 2 brothers, my 2 sisters, my mom and dad, and my two brothers girlfriends. There were 9 of us in total. I have always loved my big family and now it is getting even larger! Andy is the youngest of us all and now we are all legal drinkers. It seems so strange that we all can buy alcohol. We aren't big drinkers, in fact neither of us drink at all really, but still just the idea that if we wanted to, we could all sit down and have a drink...it's so strange. But I think I said that already.

After dinner we played crotch-it ball (or as most people would say, croquet). For the first time I can ever remember, I actually won! We played three or four games and I think we must have been out there for at least 2 and a half hours. At one point I heard my neighbor say, they're still playing? As a family we get pretty competitive and we don't even notice the time as it flies by.

But suddenly it was 6 o'clock. So we went inside to have Andy's birthday cake. It was tough to get the candles lit, until we remembered to turn off the ceiling fan. The cake was awesome! Then he opened his presents and we were all back in the yard playing badmitton again.

It's times like these that I realize how much my family means to me and how much I love them. Finally at about 9:30 everyone started to head for home. I can honestly say, I haven't laughed so hard as I did today in what seems like forever!
Today, I woke up in 10:30 AM after my much-needed sleep from yesterday's stuff. However, I have to work with my brother to fix a few computers for his friends. One of them is a recipient of a PCI modem with no driver. I searched for the modem's manufacturer through the FCC web site (http://www.fcc.gov). I've found the manufacturer (Archtek, a little company in Taiwan), and I proceeded to install the driver. Done as toast.

The second computer was a toughie. My brother installed a new hard drive and needed a CD-ROM for the second computer as well. My first CD-ROM (the Plextor I was so proud of) was chosen to be used for that computer. I took out my CD-ROM, and had it installed to my the friend's computer. Farewell, kick-ass CD-ROM drive!

Congratulations to Karen Ziemba for her Tony Award for "best featured actress in a musical" in Contact. Karen is so... l33t!

A blithely sacrosanct kind of day. First, I worked on subnetting for three hours. Then I took a walk down to the road and back up to the building. Nothing exciting happened there, unless you were keeping tabs on my mitochondriae and whatnot, and to that I say "Do you mind?"

On Saturday I had stayed at work three hours late to configure a CSU/DSU and then determine that the PVC had to be rebuilt (the client was routing through a different company, or maybe to the MOON !)...but Sunday I only stayed thirty minutes later. In fact, I went right to bed when I got home. My agent paged me in the afternoon, and interrupted my dream about a new cartoon involving Donald Trump and Speedbuggy. Apparently I was to be appointed Auxiliary Archbishop of Paris. I had totally forgotten!

Somehow I managed to get more packing done, though. I have too much stuff.

Oh, we also saw a wedding at a Catholic church downtown. It was hot, in the 90's (too hot to get married). The couple egressed the church to bubbles that people were blowing, though it took us a while to figure that out. I saw the dude who married them. He was all decked out.

I am only one person
But I AM one person
I cannot do everything
But I can do something
And because I cannot do everything
I will not let it prevent me from doing the one thing or something I can do.

Busy busy day for a sunday. Today's theme is hiatus, boys and girls.

In the morning I went to church to sing. My apartment is so delightfully echoey that I always feel as if my voice is diminished in performance, but then again that helps produce the wonderful melding with other people feeling that choral singing produces in me. Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins. We sang two songs, plus the congregational hymns. I'm going to have the unmemorable Rock of Ages stuck in my head all week from the looks of things. I was given a lovely iris; it was the big thank-you-to-volunteers-welcome-to-new-members-goodbye-to-grads-summer-is-here service. The choir pianist, I was surprised to see, was among the new members welcomed in. I wasn't; next year I will be, I suspect. The church was fuller than I've seen it ever. This was the first sunday of the summer where there will only be one service instead of two or three. The church has no minister right now, so attendence has been dropping off. I kind of like the haphazardness of the services.. someone new officiating each one, lots of different flavours. It seems suitable for unitarianism. I gather that the worship committee is going a little crazy, though. There's an interim minister hired to start in the fall, while the big ole ministerial search is underway. He's a chemist turned minister, apparently. A scientific mystic, one fellow said. Neat. Interesting, at least.

I returned my music folder and ducked out before the picnic. I'm feeling a little sad that the choir is done for the year until they start up again in the fall. I just joined a little less than a month ago and I'm in love, I want more more more now that I've settled the wonderful joy of singing back in to my life. Ahh well. There's talk of busking in the summer to raise money; that sounds cool.

I took a taxi on my own for the first time ever this morning, on the way to church. I'm usually the biggest bus booster ever, copping a zen attitude about missing buses, never running to catch them, always leaving enough time to miss every bus.. today I missed two buses and was going to miss the rehearsal and thus my chance at one last bout of choral glory, so I flagged down a cab and got there.. earlier than the right bus. Sigh. Dangerous. TransitGirl and I are slowly drifting apart, identical twins going to different colleges.

I had a lovely afternoon with my hax0r, sitting around ignoring each other together, me to read, him to hack. Bliss.

tonight was a going away party for a friend of mine who is headed for australia and points in southeast asia for an undetermined length of time. so many people showed up.. it was a big big meet all full of people I knew. we went to the park and played some very chaotic croquet. I was about to staple a sheet of stamps to his card when I realized that canadian postage stamps wouldn't be very useful where he's going. I wish I knew how long he'd be gone. I feel so sad, like I won't see him until some raucous accounting at the end of time, though I suppose six months is somewhat more likely. I gave him a hug before I left; I think that's maybe the fifth time in as many years that I've ever touched him. He reminds me of my dad: we don't speak much or see each other much or interact much at all but for reasons I can't articulate or fully understand I'm inordinately fond of him and I'd trust him with.. I don't know, anything. I'll miss him a lot. It surprises me and it doesn't. I wonder if any of that shows up in a quiet "I'll miss you" as I turn my back and walk briskly off down the street.. ah well, we'll meet again.

work tomorrow and I don't want to. oh well, my partner is back after her huge exam and I have my vacation in a fortnight. thank god, I haven't had any time off since november, well before RRSP season came and went. My loopiness threshold has been greatly lowered lately.

It turns out that I shouldn't have given H's cell phone number to P, her ex. P, being utterly clueless, has been calling H about ten times a day lately, and H is ignoring him. I'll try to muster enough guts to send an angry letter to P, telling him to quit acting silly and get on with his life. P, it's been over for almost a year!!
Did some nodetending on my suit writeup.

Today's Soundtrack: Undecided. Part of me wants to listen to Space's Lost in Space from the Lost in Space soundtrack, part of me wants to listen to some old house. I think the house alternative will win, I'm alone in the office today and I'll play as loud as I like.

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