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  • I like it when we ignore our own lines and just keep a secret together.

  • Jamcracker's eyes covered in a white skin I had to peel off.

  • When Al Roker goes camping, he cheats. He saves the water from his first shower and steals a little from every successive shower, hoarding it away so he can sell it to the others.

  • Downstairs in my parents' house I was struggling with a canvas bag full of water. It was too heavy, I was falling over. Heather came down the stairs and I realized I was naked but didn't care too much; I was also giving birth. Inside the bag were two babies and I needed her help to get them out. She did, and handed them to me and left. I scooped the gunk from the mouth of one kitten and gave it a little shake. It mewed and I turned to the other one. It was dead and nothing I could do would bring it back. It was my fault; I had let it drown.

  • edebroux is gone but I can take pictures to show her what everything is like. I turned the camera sideways and was surprised at the narrowness of the picture. I caught three faces in the shot, one of them mine, but I did not look like myself.

  • For a Catholic you sure bump into people a lot.

  • Explaining David Sedaris' new book to two gay men. A man pretends to be straight, to impress someone, gets caught in a relationship he doesn't want, and stays in it out of stubbornness. After months of pretending they're perfect for each other, they find out they're perfect for each other.

  • The accountant showed up without warning and wasn't very polite. Dusik loved her bluntness. I struggled with the binder. Dusik asked a question about real estate. "Well if you know that much, you're perfectly capable of looking it up yourself in Architectual Digest."

  • A package I mailed myself, twice.

  • Standing with Pete in the bookstore trying to figure out what the announcement had been about the sick kid. No one knew. Two black gym bags on the floor, I thought they might have bombs in them so I checked. No bombs but about 17 cents, which I kept. A mean-looking foreign man showed up and I thought he was the terrorist but he was buying children's books. I told him he was buying a good one, and we talked a little, but he was the type who was embarassed to read kids' books, thought it was funny, kept making excuses.

I had so many dreams today and failed to write them down. This is the only one I can remember. :(

There was three of us in a spaceship. I was leaning behind a metal pillar, the other two were shielding themselves too. I had a rifle and I was aiming at the television set that was at the front of the spaceship. I warned everyone it would explode the moment I fired at it. I took aim and fired. No big explosion. Infact the television was still working as I fired off a few more rounds.

Oh well..I must've had atleast 3 or 4 more dreams. Man that sucks...

I was up all night coding, and somewhere along the line I fell asleep, but I dreamt I was still coding. The program in my dream made no sense, but when I woke I felt really surprised that I hadn't finished the program yet. It took me a few minutes to realize what happened.

Dman was in one of my classes, with a cell phone and pager numbers for everyone of us. Within minutes, everyone in the class was rattling and buzzing.

Our professor was angry. We were angry.

Someone sent me email asking why I didn't like hamsters.

In my dream last night, I figured out that Dman was an anagram for Damn. I wanted to node it, but I couldn't, somehow.

This is Everything Dream number two. My computer is going to swallow me whole.

Driving a long time through strange jungles, in a taxicab. The monkeys screamed and hooted at us from the side of the dirt road. The cabbie kept turning around to talk to me, but most of the time he spoke silently.

I knew I should listen to him.

I remember only that he said this:

"You'll have to pay me in grass. Look up, look out there." And I saw the men in turbans in the middle of a vast desert holding up books. There were cases of books coming out of the sand: novels. He said,

"What are you doing? Why are you always running away? Have you forgotten these?" And then he cackled and said, "Oh yes, you are in love, by the way."

I wanted to ask him what he meant, but I had the sinking feeling that I already knew--there are things that I have been avoiding. Now they are staring at me matter-of-factly. Undeniably conscious thoughts now. Fuck.

This dream involved one of my supervisors at work. I'll call him "Joe".

I'm in a city, and its sort of dark and grimy, but more grey than anything. My sister is starring in a play, and I have to get to the auditorium to see her debut. But, I'm wandering all over the city looking for Joe because we're dating(?!?). I leave messages with all these stores that I'm looking for Joe, and go to the auditorium.

Joe shows up and sits with me at the show. We're talking about something or other, and my parents are sitting behind us. Then, Joe says something to me to the effect of, "I don't like you anymore. I think I'm gay, but I have to know for sure." So, I'm shocked that Joe would say this to me at a play where anyone could hear, and then Joe realizes this and takes off. I shout after Joe, "We should talk about this!" and Joe keeps going. My mom says to me, "Give it up, he's gay".

So, I spent the next part of this dream wandering around this city looking for Joe. I go to stores, cafes, the museum with all kinds of really bizarre art. I come to a park that has little streams running all over, with big wooden bridges to walk over, and that's how you get around the park. I walk down one of them, and come across Joe with some guy I don't recognize (actually, I think its one of the movers in our building during the remodeling we're having) and they both have their pants down in public, watching each other very intently while they masturbate. So, I stop and watch.

After a minute, I ask them what they are doing, and they both stop and zip up. Joe starts to get mad at me, and I say "I just wanted to talk about this, that's all." So, we start walking and Joe tells me that he doesn't think he is gay, but just likes to watch guys touch themselves. I just stand there not saying anything, and then Joe says "I've decided I like you too, is that OK? Do you want to watch him too?" and I don't say anything, then Joe grabs my boob. I woke up then and my boyfriend had rolled over and grabbed my boob.

I dreamed I was riding in a truck with John Rocker, and we were talking all normal. Then he starts spewing this Dman style shit about gays and Jews -- (not that Dman is anti-semitic it's one of the few things I've never seen him accused of). I was a bit bemused by the vitrolity of his statements, but his refusal to use ethnic slurs.

He'd say, "I know this Jew, good friend of mine, cheapest mf on the face of the earth." or "Gay men can't drive. They just aren't aggresive enough." He kept saying stupid shit that I can't believe came from my head.

Anyhoo, we get to the field (I guess we were going to the game), and instantly we're surrounded by protesters. Apparently, someone had bugged Rocker's truck, which was a Nissan oddly enough, and they were out for blood.

There was a bit of violence, and a hot Filipina chick grabbed me and pulled me out of the crowd. We head off to her place, and I'm sure it was just about to get fun, when my uncle came into my room and threw a cat on me.

I shoot awake with a cat's claws grabbing my chest, and realize that's as close to pussy as I'm going to get today.

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