I've been making E2 nodes all night long. I'm out with some of my friends, and we're in a car actually driving from node to node and adding things. My friend Dorian is driving, and we're laughing as we drive down the backroads of our town forgetting to turn on the headlights. Luckily, we only almost get hit by another car once.

There's another car full of people. They're people I consider "white trash" because I generally don't like the way they act. Very difficult people to respect.

So then, one of the guys who was with us is bringing me home. We've gone out several times (in the dream) and never kissed. Tonight, he walks me to my room, and I know it's going to happen. It's a big deal. He's gone to the bathroom or something, and I'm pacing my room, searching for chapstick because who wants to kiss someone with chapped lips? I finally find my chapstick, and he comes back to say goodbye. I know I only have to stand a little closer to him and it will happen, but I'm all akward.

dream #1

I was doing my exercises, I ran downstairs picked up a pound coin.

dream #2

I was talking to this red headed girl as we headed towards the swimming pool centre. I asked her what she was doing here. She told me she was going to create some atomic energy by performing a special dance. I asked her how she was going to create the energy; she told me that there were two parts. The first was to be flawlessly clean, this meant she would have to shower and clean herself with a pumice stone. The second part was the dance; which would be like a form of synchronized swimming.

I asked if I could join in too, she seemed to be very happy at hearing this. The girl told me to get ready in the men's changing rooms and meet her pool side. So I did as I was told.

While I was changing I was talking to this guy about what I was going to do. The guy knew exactly what was involved he even gave the cleaning a technical name; talc free cleansing. When I looked up the guy had gone so I headed towards the showers.

After I had given myself a good cleaning I headed for the pool. I didn't see the girl, but there were a lot of people there so I asked them how I could participate. I was told that I should just get in the water and with my face submerged start to flail my arms and legs. I did this for a while and then I started to feel silly so I got out of the pool and got changed.

As I headed out of the swimming pool centre I bumped into the girl, she was with another girl and they were giggling. She asked me where I had been and I replied I had attended. I asked her why I hadn't seen her. She smiled and started giggling at her friend. I assumed she was just making fun of me so I started walking away.

Her friend shouted at me to stop. I halted. Then her friend ran up to me and told that her friend (the red headed girl) liked me. All I could think was woah. I said to her friend that the feeling was mutual, and in fact that was the reason why I participated in creating the atomic energy. Her friend enquired if I could deal with the fact that her friend (the red headed girl) was a centerfold. I said I didn't give a damn, I just liked her.

Then the red headed girl runs up to me with a big smile. I'm thinking I'm about to get a big kiss. But no..instead she breaks out into some Broadway style song singing how much she loves me. Hey, I was still flattered nonetheless.

dream #3

I was at ideath's state burial. She must've been a big shot or something because she was in full military dress uniform. I noticed how cold and gray her complexion was. She looked like a sculpture. As I came closer to the casket I knelt over and give the customary kiss to both cheeks. I think I was dreaming in black and white. Next the everythingian thespian society were discussing our next show. Turns out this funeral was part of a play. I think were arguing about having to hire someone outside of the troupe to play Cleopatra. Ideath climbed out of the casket and suggested she could do it. We continued arguing.

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