I've been making E2 nodes all night long. I'm out with some of my friends, and we're in a car actually driving from node to node and adding things. My friend Dorian is driving, and we're laughing as we drive down the backroads of our town forgetting to turn on the headlights. Luckily, we only almost get hit by another car once.

There's another car full of people. They're people I consider "white trash" because I generally don't like the way they act. Very difficult people to respect.

So then, one of the guys who was with us is bringing me home. We've gone out several times (in the dream) and never kissed. Tonight, he walks me to my room, and I know it's going to happen. It's a big deal. He's gone to the bathroom or something, and I'm pacing my room, searching for chapstick because who wants to kiss someone with chapped lips? I finally find my chapstick, and he comes back to say goodbye. I know I only have to stand a little closer to him and it will happen, but I'm all akward.