Cisco Certified Network Associate

Cisco's CCNA Certification is given once you pass the Cisco Exam # 640-507. To qualify for a CCNA you need to be well versed on the following topics:

The exam is totally computer-based with multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and drag-and-drop style questions. The tests are administered by Sylvan Prometric and you can sign up to take a test at where you can also find a testing facility in your area.

Cisco implemented the lower level CCNA and CCNP certifications because there are only about 6500 practicing CCIEs (Cisco's highest certification level; involves very difficult written and lab testing) in the world; to give an idea, there are about 174 CCIEs in Canada and about 2955 in the USA. Since a reseller or consulting company needed to have Cisco Certified staff on hand to be a Cisco certified company, Cisco needed to provide stepping stone certifications to increase the number of active, certified professionals. Not all companies needed CCIE level employees and there were just not that many to go around.

A related certification is the CCNA-WAN certification which focuses on Cisco's WAN switches whereas the CCNA exam focuses mainly on routing and LAN switching.

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