Sheridan College opened in September 1967. It's main campus is 1430 Trafalgar Road in Oakville, Ontario. They just built a new part to that campus called the Sheridan Centre for Animation and Emerging Technologies (SCAET); the telecommunications course I'm taking is located in the bottom of that building. The rest of it is mostly filled with post-grad animation and media arts classes, for which Sheridan is world renowned.

They have another smaller, crappier campus in Brampton, Ontario; although I hear it was recently outfitted with new computer labs.

A lot of Sheridan grads end up working for companies like Disney, ILM and Pixar and instructors and/or alumni have worked on the following films among others:

  • Star Wars: Episode 1
  • A Bug's Life
  • Toy Story 1 & 2
  • The Mask
  • Osmosis Jones
  • The Mummy
  • I dunno, whatever you see that has mind blowing special effects and/or animation, there's probably a Sheridan grad running around somewhere ok? Actually, I can't believe I can't find a more comprehensive list of movies involving people from sheridan. I'll update this node with something more complete later, once I can find the information.

The Different Schools within Sheridan:

For a complete course listing along with other information you can check out

My dad went to Sheridan; he took Photography (Fine Arts). I think that's a large part of the reason I chose to go to Sheridan. Sort of my own way of following in my father's footsteps. Not exactly, obviously, since I went into telecom.


I didn't apply to any Universities because I didn't have the 'marks' or 'work habits' that most of those institutions required of a young student. On the day we had to have our applications in for colleges I left class and went to the guidance office and started leafing through course guides for different colleges. My dad had gone to Sheridan and it has a very good reputation in the way of Animation and Media Arts.

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