A blithely sacrosanct kind of day. First, I worked on subnetting for three hours. Then I took a walk down to the road and back up to the building. Nothing exciting happened there, unless you were keeping tabs on my mitochondriae and whatnot, and to that I say "Do you mind?"

On Saturday I had stayed at work three hours late to configure a CSU/DSU and then determine that the PVC had to be rebuilt (the client was routing through a different company, or maybe to the MOON !)...but Sunday I only stayed thirty minutes later. In fact, I went right to bed when I got home. My agent paged me in the afternoon, and interrupted my dream about a new cartoon involving Donald Trump and Speedbuggy. Apparently I was to be appointed Auxiliary Archbishop of Paris. I had totally forgotten!

Somehow I managed to get more packing done, though. I have too much stuff.

Oh, we also saw a wedding at a Catholic church downtown. It was hot, in the 90's (too hot to get married). The couple egressed the church to bubbles that people were blowing, though it took us a while to figure that out. I saw the dude who married them. He was all decked out.