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Time: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 01:04:58 GMT
Everything server: Apache/1.3.9 (Unix) mod_perl/1.21
Number of nodes: 551343 (1508 new since June 4, 2000)
Number of users: 15316 (24 new since June 4, 2000)
Number of links: 1818903 (15849 new since June 4, 2000)

Node to user ratio: 35.998 nodes per user
Link to node ratio: 3.299 links per node
Link to user ratio: 118.758 links per user

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JeffMagnus node count: 3692 (5 new since June 4, 2000)
JeffMagnus experience: 6211 (15 more since June 4, 2000)
JeffMagnus experience to node ratio: 1.682 XP per node
JeffMagnus nodeshare: 0.670%
JeffMagnus node of the day: Everything 2 Civil War

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Everything's Best Users Snapshot

Users                  XP wa7 inc   l_XP l_wa7
Pseudo_Intellectual 13449 132  28  13421 149
jessicapierce       11325  70  25  11300  78
dem bones           11159  40   1  11158  46
DMan                10331 179   5  10326 208
pukesick             8737  42   5   8732  48
Saige                8342  81   3   8339  94
RockLobster          3113  69   0   3113  81
Lord Brawl           3064  17   2   3062  20
sabre23t             3020  61  60   2960  61
artfuldodger         2930  23  57   2873  17
Xamot                2870  13   0   2870  15
Wintersweet          2793   4   4   2789   4
EBU #50              2793  38   4   2789  44 

Server time: 01:14 Mon Jun 5 2000 TZ +0100 not UTC since May 26, 2000

Note Last value was taken less than a day earlier on
Server time: 15:52 Sun Jun 4 2000

l_ = last (previous) value; inc = increase in stats value
wa7 = ((stats + (6 * l_wa7))/7) = weighted average with denominator 7

sabre23t: Random Nodes

I missed one day of the EBU Snapshot for June 3, 2000 and late snapshot for June 4, 2000. There are a number of ways for me to take that into account.

I took the last option, the easier one. However, if I miss more than 2 or 3 days, I'll have to consider the first option.

Update June 5, 2000 04:36 UTC. Would the downvoter care to explain why he downvoted, where as I've clearly noted that this writeup was a "to do"? That it will be updated with the calculated stats, as just been done now. Please /msg or email me.

sabre23t: Nodes to node

12:17 EET

Noder's block!

Damn. I have a big urge for noding (suffering from Everything Addiction and all) but there are no ideas to write about. And when I do come up with a subject, there's nothing on my mind to fill the writeup with. Argh! This is all quite frustrating.
While waiting for the inspiration, I'm limited to reading others' nodes, voting them, nodekeeping and boring the hell out of fellow noders with this pointless daily writeup.
Thankfully Everything is a diary.

We are supposed to present two different design ideas to my current client this wednesday. The prototype for the first one is completed, but the second one is still badly under construction. Apparently my creativity shortage isn't limited to E2 only.

Maybe I should try some music to lubricate my brain? I doubt that my self-compiled Greatest Kiksutrance Hits MD would do much good, but an acid jazz compilation might be just what the doctor ordered. Time for some aural experimenting..
holy shit.

final exams are fucking done.

dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians.

*Smooches* to saige, ideath, hamster bong, and everyone else!

No, the new machine did not arrive today. Moving away from AIX and on to Solaris would be nice, but nothing so far.


More things that won't arrive:
  • My CDNOW order.
  • Courage to send a nasty letter to P, telling him to stop harrassing H.
Bored at work.

Today's Soundtrack: Suzanne Vega - Suzanne Vega, the entire album, but especially The Queen and the Soldier.
Is today Monday or Tuesday? It felt like a Tuesday..
Today was way wacky, I must tell someone..
  • Took a bath in someone else's bathtub, and giggled insanely the whole time because it was a really nice old claw foot bathtub and a lot of fun.
  • Found bondage porn in someone's basment, did NOT watch what I found.
  • Sent out a resume
  • Played with Storm Linux, which I installed yesterday on a friend's PC
  • Hooked someone else up with a Commodore 64
  • Saw people I knew, and I looked right at them, and they didn't recognize me. It didn't matter. I don't care anymore.
  • Made a decoy for my tape player (afraid of car theives in neighborhood).. lots of wires sticking out of tape player now.. looking like it is really broken!
  • Found out the names of the two people that replaced me at my old job
Okay, so maybe finding bondage porn was the freakiest part, but it was a strange day.
Another day. A Monday, as exceptional as all of them.. there is a department meeting, the five of us, and i realize my manager is a sweet kid, doing the best he can in his Disneyfied whitebread American way, and all he wants to do is make it work. What we all want, to introduce some elegance into the world, to make the parts move together, to unjam it a bit.

After work, i finally see Fred Eaglesmith, with my parents, and the Molloys, and Ed Molloy's brother & his wife - everybody knows everybody else. Half of them are wearing Fred t-shirts. I remember again the intimate might of live music in a small space, and the power of words. I want to node those lyrics! I think you'll love them.

It's raining and i walk home. Out of the corner of my eye, i see a short wide woman out of a funhouse mirror walking up the abandoned main street. She's wearing pink. I'm thinking of other things and get halfway across the darkened train tracks before i realize that i don't know where those boys ahead of me went, and i can't hear them. But the setting is so familiar, even in the dark, i banish fear. What happens, happens. The bubble will keep me safe. I refuse to sprint.

In the safety of streetlights, i pass Scott's house. But though he woke up with me this morning, i find myself too shy to knock on a closed door.

Probably unintentionally, the downstairs neighbors have a jar of daisies in front of their porch light. It's a scene in an unshot movie, that glow. The plot will lend it symbolism, and the lens immortality. This all in a flash.

I'm getting back to writing, with no one looking over my shoulder: was that my problem? One, unreading, ungiving audience, an opaque eye, no mouth? I need to limber up, reacquaint myself with the language. I think something might be coming.

But now - there is so much transition, people moving in and out of the apartment, that i am used to boxes in the hallway. But, almost ready to sleep, i notice this one sealed says IDEATH on the top, a 9 inch cube. A mail bomb? Who's it from? Who lives in Pennsylvania? I open it, and it's full of packing peanuts, but buried inside, an indistinct, shifting dark shape: then the odor hits. Someone has sent me a very very well-packed bag of fragrant, fabulous chocolate chips. But no clues! So, okay, who is it? Hello? Thank you!

Just getting over some kind of stomach thing. This is so unusual; I had to cancel all my piano lessons today. One of the parents was so surprised; in all the years I’ve been teaching her son, this has never happened. My cast-iron constitution isn’t

I taught a piano class yesterday. This is the second bug I’ve picked up teaching Sunday. Is there something about the day, or just the opportunity to teach on a grand piano.

This is the hardest thing about being a piano teacher. After all these years, I’m pretty good at teaching--its just the administration of it. Arranging makeups for missed lessons, whether I cancelled, or the student did.

Have to plan my big meal for the week, I think I’ll make pot roast tomorrow. (Like all of us who live alone, I don’t have the time or energy to make my big meal each day; so I cook ahead, and reheat.)

Put together first real list of recital students and their pieces. It all has to be done this week--Recital is next Sunday.

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