12:17 EET

Noder's block!

Damn. I have a big urge for noding (suffering from Everything Addiction and all) but there are no ideas to write about. And when I do come up with a subject, there's nothing on my mind to fill the writeup with. Argh! This is all quite frustrating.
While waiting for the inspiration, I'm limited to reading others' nodes, voting them, nodekeeping and boring the hell out of fellow noders with this pointless daily writeup.
Thankfully Everything is a diary.

We are supposed to present two different design ideas to my current client this wednesday. The prototype for the first one is completed, but the second one is still badly under construction. Apparently my creativity shortage isn't limited to E2 only.

Maybe I should try some music to lubricate my brain? I doubt that my self-compiled Greatest Kiksutrance Hits MD would do much good, but an acid jazz compilation might be just what the doctor ordered. Time for some aural experimenting..