I think I tried to flirt with you.


A girl I met on a 31 bus bound for Notting Hill Gate.

This is a suite of haikus words dedicated to the mystery girl I met on the bus (see the day log). Yeah I know I've cheated with the conjunction of certain words like I'm = I am, We're We are, etc..etc.. So sue me. And yes doppleganger is not a single syllable word! Hey at least I'm 5-7-5 format! If I seem very self opinionated (i.e. assuming that the girl even knew I liked her and that the feeling was mutual) I'm not, I'm just expressing myself. I would like to think ... heh nope I'm not gonna even start justifying myself. "This is art people, deal with it!"1 I've added optional words enclosed in parentheses to aid reading.

you, the pretty japanese girl,
sitting in the corner of the bus,
our eyes met once briefly.

you, a grace kelly doppleganger,
with well kept black swept up hair,
you had beautiful dark eyes.

you are (the) essence of summer,
you are wearing (a) delicate flower patterned dress,
you are cute shoes owner.2

you carry a shopping bag,
so gently it hangs off your arm,
I wish I was it.3

I think you tried to,
tried to look at me I think,
you think I tried too.

innocent glances at one another,
but yet we're muted, shy and retired,
we wanna know one another.

would you? could you? accept?
a short discussion about nothing, small talk,
I'm fragile don't hurt me.

1 Is that a cool quote or what? By me of course :)
2 Having two repeating "wearing"s wouldn't look right considering that the first verse didn't have one. Hey artistic license!
3 Yes, I could've used "there" instead. But the "it" is to indicate the objectification of myself, to allow her ownership of me if you will. Honest. Okay I didn't realise this concept at first until I went to replace it with "there" aight?

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