"So, you want to be a lounge girl, do you?"
- "uuhh.."
(me. today. finally getting a Summer job)

A lounge girl is a girl who works in a bar/pub collecting (pint) glasses and chats to the customers, flirting with them to buy more drink.. nah.. that's what the manager hopes.. The lounge girl flirts to get more tips. Cos lounge girls are paid a pathetic amount. (Though since the minimum wage has been introduced in Ireland the least she can earn is £4 p.h. (now €5.65), which is excellent compared to the previous scandalous £2/£2.50 p.h.).
A lounge girl often has to put up with a lot of sh** from the customers, especially if she works in a local; i.e. an old man's pub. There she has to deal with pervy old pensioners who slap her ass and made lewd remarks about her legs and 'jugs'. But if she's the type of girl who is clever enough to flirt back with these scuzzy creatures she'll make more in tips in a night than that which she's paid.
If she works in a tourist trail bar and is savvy, she can wean _buckets_ (i.e. make a fortune) from large American business men and their even larger wallets. This is especially the case in Ireland where tourists love the fantastical yarn about days gone by, about leprechauns, rainbows and crocks of gold, and the odd lewd joke about Paddy English man, Paddy Irish man and Paddy Scots man...

Lounge boys exist too, but to a lesser extent since (a) they're smart enough to get a job that pays better and (b) management knows that the girls are better at keeping the old men coming to the old men pubs.. (imho, of course ;)).

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