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I've always been the observer. I always knew everyone through others, and through watching how they would act, listening to things they'd say not for my ears but for others. I always felt invisible. I didn't care, but in the end it left me knowing a lot of people and no one knowing me. I think that the rest of my life will be like this.

I can't believe that I'll ever stay in anyone's thoughts forever, I'll never be that important to anyone. I'll slip in and out of their mind perhaps, but I won't stay there, not for any length of time. I feel like I've a billion little humans in my head, I can't and never will forget them. A lot of them don't even know I exist (Or do I? Perhaps I'm just a starfruit that has taken on human form.). This may or may not be their fault. All I know is that I would love to be able to hate him, because I feel like this more than ever, that I will never remain an important part of anyone's life. Everyone will forget me, all the nice things they said will stick in my mind and make me cry because they were such utter bullshit.

He's different. I know he is.. and I believe what he says, probably too much so. I won't stop, I don't care to.. but it hurts and I cry sometimes just because I don't want to be what I am for the last person who loved me. (That is, not much at all, it would seem..)

This day has been odd. I sat in the back of my brother's vehicle with my best friend for about 3 hours just talking about anything and everything. It was good, and fun.. but the evening ended strangely and now I'm slipping into the night with feelings of confusion and.. I'm almost lost, but not quite. I can tell him anything, everything, he'd listen and he wouldn't jump to conclusions or judge me. I'd say I wish everyone were like that, but I don't.. I like that there is just one little human who could be what he is for me.

I need to water my plants and clean my room some time soon. Also send letters.. requires walking downtown. Will do. All is well in the world. I can't stay sad for any length of time anymore. This is good, because I don't love my sadness now.. it's more of a burden than anything.

I'm almost 19.. where did the years go? Oh well.. can't say that I have any real regrets.

I'll kiss you, one day.. I know I will, what a dreamy thought. Time for sleep.

E-mail tracy.. e-mail tracy.. (note to self.) heh
15:26 EET

I've spent the last two workdays mostly listening to music and noding synthesizer stuff. (nobody can accuse me of being an XP whore - those writeups always stay between 0 & 1)
The other day I made a breakthrough with my current work assignment. So while my boss is happy about the progress, I'll be able to node on. Next up would be the SSM chips, rest of the equipment from Roland, Sequential and ARP plus a big bunch of Korg products.

Listening to my unfinished Best-of-C64-MD at the moment. The SID chip simply rules, and the classic tunes sound surprisingly organic when mixed with a little chorus and reverb. I have to record the rest of my favorites later tonight.
I just hope MD-walkman will stay intact until monday. The mechanism seems to be quite screwed up, causing numerous random DISC ERR messages and other problems. The warranty hasn't expired yet, so I'll be sending the unit back on monday.

The current plan is to start my big LightWave project this weekend. My intent is to finish it by the start of December, so there is plenty of time. But it will be a tricky one.
This project requires an extremely detailed pine tree model, which needs to keep reasonable detail even when viewed in an extreme close-up, and stay intact with long camera zooms and rotations. There are many ways to do this, but the only one that's truly practical would be to simply do it with polygons. Though a huge poly-count would considerably slow down my feeble PC causing nervous breakdowns and such. A fiber plug-in would be a reasonable option, but the heavy camera movement poses problems, along with huge rendering times. Different image maps could work with still images, but not with the animation. So, I have a lot of testing and planning to do.
In case you were wondering, this project is not work-related. Just your average free-time activity for a single geek like myself.

Track of the day:  Thomas Krome - Woodcarver Remix 1

13:19 BST

Well, this had better be quite quickly typed, as I've got to be somewhere else. But I will write more later on today, around 10:30 BST, when I get back from doing my shift at the petrol station. But suffice to say, I'm pondering now on having a 'real' job, that is something somehow related to what I'll do in later life. No, not the petrol station, the other one. Programming. Well it's a start anyway, some money and something for my CV, finally.

Somehow my creativity has been robbed. I can't really think of solutions to stuff, or at least I couldn't yesterday. Everything's nice and organised, apart from the things that aren't, but there's no... creative feeling to things at all right now. Like this summer's just me biding my time, making some money, and I'll go back to living a life when I'm back at uni. Or at least, when I go to India in September.

00:24 BST - July 7, 2000

Well, today's sort of over, I suppose. I was for some reason very creative while working today. I was not thinking about what I was doing - it doesn't really require that much thought - but instead about what I'm about to code. I accumulated a small pile of post-it notes, which were the conveniently available media at the time. I'm off to code now; I think I might just code till sunrise.

Check equipment: computer, code to bash on, post-it notes to decipher, paper to doodle on, caffeine source, music - all there. Now, the hard part: post this, and terminate 'net connection; how soon will distraction strike?

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Well we enjoyed the family cookout on the 4th of July. Had the traditional hambugers, hot dogs potato salad and BBQ Beans (Hubby was rousting about in the fridge and grousing that they were all gone, no leftovers!) I met some of my brother-in-law's friends. One named Mudslide (??) I was told Don't ask! so I didn't. He used to play in rock 'n roll band and my bro-in-law was a roadie for him. The Margaritas were delicious made with Cuervo Gold and some triple sec ummmm ! My son and I enjoyed watching the fireworks driving around town for an hour and a half lost. They had closed my regular route back home because of the fireworks display so we had to backtrack. Altogether a pleasant day.

Am making daily announcements to the guys here that my birthday is Saturday (July 8th). They really let me down for Mother's Day. Did get a belated card and dinner from the boys and a BS excuse from the hubby that 'You're not my mother' hmmm we'll see how they do this Saturday;)

In gathering the weeds you would uproot the wheat along with them. Let both of them grow together until the harvest.
- Matthew 13 29:30 (NRSV)


Thought: Wake up and join humanity.

Action: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I've lost my desire to rise in the morning and I've become so accumstomed to this complacency I fear it will be too hard to change.

And I breathe...and I eat.
But I don't live.

Bleh. I need to shut up with this ultra-depressing and melodramatic junk. I know my life is good. I just need to work on this bit of violent pessimism I've recently encountered.

A friend was telling me about a book the other day. It sounded interesting. Something about a person who manifests fear of themselves into everyday objects and events and becomes completely paranoid. Sounds right up my alley :) Then another friend said something to the effect of, "That's so sad to be afraid of yourself. Some people are messed up."

...and i laughed when the little plastic human exploded.

Well fellow Everythingians, it looks like this is it -- ARROWFALL IS OUT OF A JOB.

The little technology / healthcare / reinsurance company I helped found in the summer of '97 is about to go tits up. As of Friday we close the doors for good. No more biz. Sure, we'll probably maintain a skeleton crew for another week or two to wind up the essentials - an accountant and a facilities person. Probably me, the data lord.

I'm not sure how the bankrupcy proceedings will go - we may be able to stave that off by liquidating as many assets as possible. Fire sale!

This is so depressing...

So I was woken up today early. It sucked. I then remembered that I talked to my ex last night. He was freaking out about some article written about him. It will be weird to see him again.

I talked to a few friends, and helped one out of a bind. BTW Linux World sucks. =)

Later on I planted some more lavander, and salvia. I love pretty flowers. I also planted some cat grass for Pouncer.

I haven't talked to my boyfriend today. No reason why, I just haven't. I decided I should spend some time today noding, because I haven't in quite a while.

My emotions are all over the place. Feelings of apathy, unrest, wanting to curl up and hide, wanting to make big changes.. etc. It's kind of making me a wreck.

OH YEAH! Yesterday, I went to Home Depot to buy soil, and I tripped on my already fucked up ankle, over a piece of wood carelessly left in the middle of the floor. That hurt. I should have sued. Instead when they rushed over to help. I told them they were fucking morons for having wood in the middle of the flood.

ophie made me laugh with her kitten joke in my Who wants a random present from Juliet? node. Only because she has a sick sense of humor though. Unless ophie is covertly "youknowwho".

I like my Heathers node a lot!

My god man, how long does it take a society to constuct some form of food that doesn't cause heavy stomach while waiting for it to digest.

oh yeah, I am very sick.

Good News Now

To top it all off, not only did I sneeze on the gal I feel like kissing, but she wasn't even offended. Someone give me a booyah on that one.

The day I have found out the terrible misunderstanding I made last night.
The day everything fell apart.
The day I relearned how spoken words are diffrent from written ones.
The day I have to respect the decision.
The day I truly curse my ears, my mouth, and my poor knowlidge.
The day I hoped there were a word 'if'.

Got up early today and went to my first day at the new job. The work itself was pretty mundane (mostly building servers and dispensing the odd bit of Unix lore to my co-workers) but the company was good--the other technicians who ended up accompanying me in the workshop (they call it "the lab") were young and smart and liked to talk while they work. I think I'm going to enjoy working there.


today i am in a good mood.

We ate breakfast at the Waffle House after work. No matter what you get, it's the Widow Maker, even if it's egg whites. We had to blot them. !! Y noticed that the toast is the sleeper, with about one stick of butter per slice. It's best to stick with the waffles, I think, as long as you don't go ballistic with the syrup. They're the only things that aren't steeped in some sort of butter product. But hey. Oh, and they have T-shirts now that say "Eat My Grits (and waffles, and...blah blah blah)." And there was a cook there with a pointy paper Waffle House cap. It was, um, jaunty.

You might be a redneck if you have a Waffle House credit card.

We didn't do much else of note, not that going for breakfast is necessarily worthy of note. I studied for my cert for about 15 minutes (lame!) and packed more stuff, because we're moving on Saturday. In the middle of the day we were rudely interrupted by my slumlord's cabana girl, who wanted to show my apartment. She insisted. Y suggested that I offhandedly mention how the closet floor is wet because the water leaks from the bathroom, and also "Did they ever find out who held that girl in #1 up by knifepoint?" but I didn't. Should've, but didn't.

Today is Hawaiian Day at work. I don't want to hear a goddamn thing about it unless they have a roast pig on a spit outside on the lawn, some Martin Denny music piped inside, and women in grass skirts. Hawaiian women, not, like, the managers. :::shudder::: The horror. The horror!

I'm sure that the guy on day shift is going to wear his mall-bought "Hawaiian" shirt. Putz.

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