So I was woken up today early. It sucked. I then remembered that I talked to my ex last night. He was freaking out about some article written about him. It will be weird to see him again.

I talked to a few friends, and helped one out of a bind. BTW Linux World sucks. =)

Later on I planted some more lavander, and salvia. I love pretty flowers. I also planted some cat grass for Pouncer.

I haven't talked to my boyfriend today. No reason why, I just haven't. I decided I should spend some time today noding, because I haven't in quite a while.

My emotions are all over the place. Feelings of apathy, unrest, wanting to curl up and hide, wanting to make big changes.. etc. It's kind of making me a wreck.

OH YEAH! Yesterday, I went to Home Depot to buy soil, and I tripped on my already fucked up ankle, over a piece of wood carelessly left in the middle of the floor. That hurt. I should have sued. Instead when they rushed over to help. I told them they were fucking morons for having wood in the middle of the flood.

ophie made me laugh with her kitten joke in my Who wants a random present from Juliet? node. Only because she has a sick sense of humor though. Unless ophie is covertly "youknowwho".

I like my Heathers node a lot!