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I'm just some guy at edinburgh university. The email's .

I'm into:

Last year I was studying CS and AI, which also involves doing some Maths, at Edinburgh University. However, while I liked the idea of AI, I didn't like the course, and quit AI in favour of Logic, a course by the Philosophy department Which is different. Time will tell whether it's interesting.

time passes

Well, it's an interesting course, but it could do with being less long. the lectures are boring because they go at such a low rate, explaining things slowly and clearly for philosophy students (well, you'd have to :-P ), but I've recontinued going to lectures because they're now given by a guy with a funky accent, which amuses me. I like. Actually, I think it would be hilarious listening to him lecture whilst stoned, and at about the right pace too...

time passes
Well, now I've finished taking that course. And the lecturer turns out to be a really good lecturer; I'm currently taking another course with him. Lectures of 10 people compared to around 100 really seem weird though.