15:26 EET

I've spent the last two workdays mostly listening to music and noding synthesizer stuff. (nobody can accuse me of being an XP whore - those writeups always stay between 0 & 1)
The other day I made a breakthrough with my current work assignment. So while my boss is happy about the progress, I'll be able to node on. Next up would be the SSM chips, rest of the equipment from Roland, Sequential and ARP plus a big bunch of Korg products.

Listening to my unfinished Best-of-C64-MD at the moment. The SID chip simply rules, and the classic tunes sound surprisingly organic when mixed with a little chorus and reverb. I have to record the rest of my favorites later tonight.
I just hope MD-walkman will stay intact until monday. The mechanism seems to be quite screwed up, causing numerous random DISC ERR messages and other problems. The warranty hasn't expired yet, so I'll be sending the unit back on monday.

The current plan is to start my big LightWave project this weekend. My intent is to finish it by the start of December, so there is plenty of time. But it will be a tricky one.
This project requires an extremely detailed pine tree model, which needs to keep reasonable detail even when viewed in an extreme close-up, and stay intact with long camera zooms and rotations. There are many ways to do this, but the only one that's truly practical would be to simply do it with polygons. Though a huge poly-count would considerably slow down my feeble PC causing nervous breakdowns and such. A fiber plug-in would be a reasonable option, but the heavy camera movement poses problems, along with huge rendering times. Different image maps could work with still images, but not with the animation. So, I have a lot of testing and planning to do.
In case you were wondering, this project is not work-related. Just your average free-time activity for a single geek like myself.

Track of the day:  Thomas Krome - Woodcarver Remix 1