Thought: Wake up and join humanity.

Action: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I've lost my desire to rise in the morning and I've become so accumstomed to this complacency I fear it will be too hard to change.

And I breathe...and I eat.
But I don't live.

Bleh. I need to shut up with this ultra-depressing and melodramatic junk. I know my life is good. I just need to work on this bit of violent pessimism I've recently encountered.

A friend was telling me about a book the other day. It sounded interesting. Something about a person who manifests fear of themselves into everyday objects and events and becomes completely paranoid. Sounds right up my alley :) Then another friend said something to the effect of, "That's so sad to be afraid of yourself. Some people are messed up."

...and i laughed when the little plastic human exploded.