13:19 BST

Well, this had better be quite quickly typed, as I've got to be somewhere else. But I will write more later on today, around 10:30 BST, when I get back from doing my shift at the petrol station. But suffice to say, I'm pondering now on having a 'real' job, that is something somehow related to what I'll do in later life. No, not the petrol station, the other one. Programming. Well it's a start anyway, some money and something for my CV, finally.

Somehow my creativity has been robbed. I can't really think of solutions to stuff, or at least I couldn't yesterday. Everything's nice and organised, apart from the things that aren't, but there's no... creative feeling to things at all right now. Like this summer's just me biding my time, making some money, and I'll go back to living a life when I'm back at uni. Or at least, when I go to India in September.

00:24 BST - July 7, 2000

Well, today's sort of over, I suppose. I was for some reason very creative while working today. I was not thinking about what I was doing - it doesn't really require that much thought - but instead about what I'm about to code. I accumulated a small pile of post-it notes, which were the conveniently available media at the time. I'm off to code now; I think I might just code till sunrise.

Check equipment: computer, code to bash on, post-it notes to decipher, paper to doodle on, caffeine source, music - all there. Now, the hard part: post this, and terminate 'net connection; how soon will distraction strike?