Is today Monday or Tuesday? It felt like a Tuesday..
Today was way wacky, I must tell someone..
  • Took a bath in someone else's bathtub, and giggled insanely the whole time because it was a really nice old claw foot bathtub and a lot of fun.
  • Found bondage porn in someone's basment, did NOT watch what I found.
  • Sent out a resume
  • Played with Storm Linux, which I installed yesterday on a friend's PC
  • Hooked someone else up with a Commodore 64
  • Saw people I knew, and I looked right at them, and they didn't recognize me. It didn't matter. I don't care anymore.
  • Made a decoy for my tape player (afraid of car theives in neighborhood).. lots of wires sticking out of tape player now.. looking like it is really broken!
  • Found out the names of the two people that replaced me at my old job
Okay, so maybe finding bondage porn was the freakiest part, but it was a strange day.