shmOOnkie pOOnks

My younger sister, by 16 months. According to my parents, armed with photographs to prove it, I was very attached to her when we were both young. Of course, I always suspected my parents just threw out the photos of when I set her on fire. I'm still looking for the negatives. Actually, in Filipino culture, family bonds are strong, and even before she was born, my parents told me how as the older child, I was expected to care for her. How could I resist? She was so darn cute.

When we were young, many people would mistake us for fraternal twins. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being oversensitive when I think it's because we are Asian.

We invariably got into the occasional argument, but it usually ended quickly and got resolved. We could never really hate each other, or even say we did. Whenever one of us would intentionally annoy each other, it was to get attention. I do remember one time when we were arguing and I retaliated at her physical attack by swinging a jacket at her. She got cut in the head by the zipper. I felt really bad about that, and of course, my mom gave me a pretty good ass-whupin.

Growing up, we were close not only because of blood, but I think, because we were alike. It wasn't until our teenage years when we found friends that came from a similar cultural background.

Now we're both adults. Even though we come from the same background, we agree on some things, and disagree on certain other things. I enjoy discussing things with her, because she doesn't hold back. She tells me things I should know, even if it will hurt, because it will help me in the long run.

One thing I don't understand about her is why she keeps going to church even though she complains about it. It's mostly a parents factor - they're ardent Roman Catholics. Yeah, she's an adult, but she's always her parents' child. It's a Chinese thing. Anyway, I told her she could just use me as a scapegoat (I'm pretty much the Antichrist to my parents) but she hasn't done anything about it.

I think out of everyone I know, she's the person that knows me best. If she ever decides to blackmail me, I'm screwed.

She's smart. She graduated college before I will. She knows how to direct her life. She will be successful.

I'm proud of her. I'm lucky to have her. I love her.