The Perl CD Bookshelf contains 6 bestselling books on a CDROM, with a bonus paperback copy of Perl in a Nutshell. The electronic copies in HTML format are:

  1. Perl in a Nutshell
  2. Programming Perl (2nd Edition)
  3. Perl Cookbook
  4. Advanced Perl Programming
  5. Learning Perl
  6. Learning Perl on Win32 Systems

I was actually looking for a paperback copy of Learning Perl on Win32 Systems, but I finally bought this value for money book, The Perl CD Bookshelf. Futhermore, I could easily port the electronic HTML copies to browser enabled handheld devices such as Psion, Palm and Win CE devices, in the near future. I wonder whether O'Reilly's license agreement fine prints would prohibit that.

Book details:

  • Title The Perl Cd Bookshelf : 6 Bestselling Books on Cd-Rom
  • List Price $59.95 (USD)
  • Software Cd-Rom edition (August 1999) in 1 CDROM
  • PublisherO'Reilly & Associates
  • ISBN 1565924622
  • Dimensions (in inches): 1.44 x 9.27 x 6.29


The license actually allows almost anything. The only thing it expressly prohibits is the uploading of the books onto a server which is being accessed by multiple people, public or private. So basicly, keep the books to yourself and its okay legal wise

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