dwym hang in there pal. Everything's gonna be all right. Yeah everything's gonna be all right.

Didn't do much today. Watched both the US men's soccer team, and the NASCAR race. We won the soccer match 2-1 over Mexico.

It's supposed to storm here tonight. I hope my surge protector makes it.

After I got done noding last night, I went out with my ex-wife. That's always a bad idea as it leaves my balls blue and my mouth bitter. I'm sad that way. She struts around looking all good and shit, and I follow like a hound dog. Not good for the self-esteem thing. Not good at all. I wanna find someone just so I know I'm not chasing Amy, and it's hard to pickup women with the ex in tow.

F1r3br4nd and the Night Shift from Hell: is a great story. I noded some Baseball Lore: over the last couple days. I think I'll keep up that theme. I need to get working on the CIA World Factbook and the Charter of the United Nations, but they're so boring to format. Still I started 'em I'm gonna finish 'em.