Damn, it's good to be back home! Ft. Pierce makes Melbourne look like Beverly Hills - no kidding!

Anyway, it's been a serene day at Casa 247. Sure, I've got tons of unpacking and cleaning to do, but it can wait. My family has earned some slack time. Hubster and Munchkin have been having fun with the PlayStation while I've been catching up on message boards and such.

Note to self: Medievil 2 for Hubster's Father's Day gift!

Today is my Mom's birthday. We're all going to my sister's house later for a party. I'm looking forward to it. Years ago it wouldn't have mattered much if I ever saw most of my family members again. Thank goodness Mom's not on that list. We still get on eachother's nerves once in a while, but at least now we've both matured enough to know that love, space and a little time can ease the way towards more honest and meaningful communications.