I'm hungry.

Everyone is so energetic in the office today. I feel we are but .002 units away from throwing paper airplanes.

My choir, though on a summer recess, is to go busking in Stanley Park to raise money. Yay! I'm dubious about the fundraising potential of the whole thing, but it certainly sounds like a good time. We may even do a set with kazoos. Whee!

Ms. Ziola is here today doing some filing. Every time I pass her I feel really odd, like I'm in a dream. It's the sort of thing I might dream - some humdrum setting with wrong but familiar faces in place..

My partner is away again today - flex day. I really like working with her, yet I find the stress level drops a notch or three when she's away. Don't have to restrain my latent control freak tendencies, I suppose, I can just do everything myself.

My birthday is next week, and my vacation soon after. I've been absent-mindedly counting the days all week. I feel kind of peaceful and rested already, though. In march and april I was keening after a vacation with bags under my eyes and the breath knocked out of me from RRSP season. I like my church today for this reason: instead of sleepy worries, I start the week with songs and voices stuck in my head. I don't sleep much more, but I feel better rested when I'm humming something. Carry the flame.. oh, it's better than sucking on sugar cubes and watching the minutes crawl by to lunch time.

Erk, speaking of which, I now have Butterfly stuck in my head. It's the catchiest song known to man, though I'm tempted to blame it on being hypnotised by the flashing lights of the Dance Dance Revolution machine, or perhaps just the disturbing image of a gyrating Pseudo_Intellectual displaying his somehow incongruent (but still very hairy) grace which has burned the song in to my mind.