12:59 EET

Well, the day has been going just swimmingly. Not.

I missed the bus this morning, since I couldn't find my keys. Naturally, I located them approx. 2 minutes after it was too late to get to the bus stop. Great.
With the next bus coming in an hour, I decided to get to the office by foot. It's only some 4.5km anyway, and the weather was nice. A bit too nice actually - I started to feel extremely hot and thirsty after only a short hike. So I took a little detour in order to buy something to drink from the mall.
Yep, you guessed it. I left my wallet home.

Oh well. The day can only get better from now on. I hope.

At least I'm going to kick my friend's ass on our MTG nostalgia night.
Yeah, right.

Hmm, I should really try to make my daily node look more interesting. For example, Booyaa's daylog is great to read just because of the layout. :)