A comic strip drawn by Tim Beynart that briefly ran in The Daily Texan in the spring of 1997. The main character was Nutty who was, as you might have guessed, a kitten with testicles for legs. While the concept itself is rather amusing, the joke got old fast. The only humor that could really be derived from the situation involved how such a creature would move about. The initial solution to this problem was probably the only genuinely funny strip in the entire run. Nutty constructed an elaborate system of alternating hot and cold breezes which would cause his scrotums to alternately contract and expand, thus propelling him along. In a later strip Nutty struck a deal with his pubic lice by which he would supply them with a home and they would carry him around.

Perhaps more amusing than the strip itself were the responses to the strip on the editorial pages. Many people were outraged that such a thing could be found in the student newspaper of a supposedly respectable university. One letter writer even accused the author of the strip of being a communist.

One supporter of equal rights even went so far as to pen a competing strip Beaver: The Walking Vagina.

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