I went up to Warwick to visit an old friend home from Boston. Cortney (yes, it's spelled without a 'u') had just moved, so I wasn't really sure how to get to her new house, and her mom's directions were something less than comprehensible. So, armed with a street address and a sheaf of equally obfuscated MapQuest printouts, I set out.

I made it to Warwick sans incident, but spent twenty minutes cruising up and down the same street trying to find her house. Mentally throwing my hands up in frustration, I gave up and called her house. She, not knowing the area any better than I did, decided to go outside and walk around in hopes that I would spot her as I drove in circles.

After another twenty minute lap around the city, I spotted her, a semi-forlorn vision in a Moxy Fruvous t-shirt, blue-tipped hair braided at the nape of her neck. A couple honks, a grin, the car door slams and off we go.

We ended up going to see Gone in Sixty Seconds. Cage and Jolie were awesome, though I think we both concentrated a little too much on Jolie. (We've both had a thing for her for a while now.) The movie ended, we went to get some ice cream, and spent a comfortable half hourish rating the women who walked by.

Good time, all in all.