A large park located west of the West End neighbourhood of Vancouver. It is on the west-most tip of the downtown peninsula, with English Bay on one side, Burrard Inlet on the other, and the lion's gate bridge dividing the two.

Very popular with tourists, it is filled with attractions large and small: forest trails, the vancouver aquarium, duck ponds, street artists, playground and parkland, a pitch and putt course, a cricket grounds, Brockton Oval, bizarre giant sculptures, bizarre small sculptures, numerous well-hidden bronze busts and commemorative plaques scattered throughout, replicas of rodin and replicas of a chinese boat's figurehead, the nine o'clock cannon, which has been fired at 9 pm every night for a hundred years, prospect point and its attendant lighthouse, concession stands and a pavillion cafeteria and a family restaurant and a gourmet seafood restaurant, an extensive rose garden, a marina, the entrance to the coal harbour naval base, the passage to the lion's gate bridge, a pool, two beautiful beaches, a lagoon (called Lost Lagoon, though it sits plainly at the entrance to the park), a nature centre, a public amphitheatre which puts on musicals in the summer.. and more. An embarassment of riches. Surrounding it all is a stone pedestrian and bike walkway called the Sea Wall, which goes around the park and then continues along English Bay and all the way around False Creek as far as Kitsilano.

We locals all say it's overridden with tourists, but you'd be hard pressed to find a local resident who doesn't visit it half a dozen times a year or more.

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