A body of water and a neighbourhood in Vancouver, BC. False creek is a small inlet (yep, it's not a creek) east of (and adjoining) English Bay, bounded on the east by land, reaching just short of Québec St., and on the west roughly by the Granville and Burrard Bridges. The neighbourhood has two parts and consists of the area on either side of the inlet extending up about 7 blocks. The north side, on the downtown peninsula, was the site of the Expo grounds in 1986, and is currently populated almost exclusive by Concord Pacific owned highrises and townhouses. The south side has Science World at one end and Granville Island on the other, and is a mix of low-rise lofts and studios (because of the wonderful mountain views and proximity to the water, rents are very high) and light industrial. On the edge of the water on both sides is a narrow strip of parkland and the seawall, a pedestrian and bike walkway that winds around from Kitsilano beach through False Creek, then along the north side of English Bay, and around Stanley Park.

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