I was sitting in law class during the last day of class before i graduate, and there was a girl scratching a scratch ticket for something to do.

She scratches and shouts, "I've won $2!" A few minutes later she completely freaks out shouting "Holy shit! Holy shit! I've won $100!!!!!!"

she runs around really excited for about 5 minutes and finally calms down a bit, and decides to scratch the rest of the ticket. She starts screaming and stuff yet again saying that she won $252. She carries on for a bit, then runs out of class to go tell her friends what's happened.

She finally gets back after telling her friend, and the friend's whole class, what she's won when someone takes a look at the card. It turns out that you needed 3 of a kind in the little box to win, and she only had 1. Apparently she believe that she would win as long as there was a dollar amount in the box :P.

After we all laughed at her for a while, we found out that he actually did win the original $2. The ticket cost $5.