I was told by my brother to wake up early since we (myself and his family) will be going to Florida by car. However, my brother took me out for a trip to the IBM Research Triangle Park campus first. He was looking for a backpack or something of the sorts in the sundries shop. The backpacks were all sold out, and I wasn't in the mood to shop for any IBM-related clothes yet.

Later, he took me out for a haircut. The barber shop is an old-school, with an old dude named George taking care of the scissors. George squeezed in time to give me a haircut, but I could've been better if I have made an appointment first...

After the barber shop, we went for breakfast. He's the worst kind of person to think of breakfast, since he took me to Burger King for a little something. It just doesn't feel right, me being the "two eggs sunny-side up with grits" guy eating a croissandwich for breakfast.

Speaking of grits, I bought some instant grits for the breakfasts in Florida.

Afterwards, we went back home to take the rest of the family to Florida. Oy, they were arguing a bit about the supermarket discounts for their food before we left.

We left around 1:00 PM, to the interstate highway 95. I slept in the back of the minivan while the kids watch "Jumanji" and "The Rugrats Movie." Zzzz....

My brother went out to a motel in Georgia at night before continuing our way to Florida... It was a shared room, and poor little Kit L. Lo slept on the floor while everybody else slept and rolled over in the beds. I think one of the kids fell to the floor while I was thinking about the massacre that was "Kit Lo hangs out with a girl..."