I'm too lazy to look back to the last time I wrote, but I know there was a vacation todo list in there. I did some of it, and I didn't do other parts of it.

I'm still thinking a lot about IP in both its forms. I like the battle between Internet Protocol and Intellectual Property. I get silly in my pursuit of information, and I'm a network administator...

IP vs. IP the big battle for freedom. there's a node in that.

Notable events of the day

  • Henri threw all three of the kittens in her pool. They look like rats when they're wet.
  • Played an hour of Red Alert
  • Stared at everything for a while

Current Status (stolen from burnboy):
Age: 26
Mood: Bored
Job: Network Administrator
Car: 1998 Dodge Neon (stereo status stable... for today)
Girlfriend: Single
Best Friends: Spent a couple hours with her today.