Have you have had a REALLY bad day? Not just your normal bad one, nor your really bad one, but one of those that is pretty much over in your mind before it really even starts?

Today was one of those days. I had a fight with my SO last night, about nothing really even worth fighting about, and only because we were misunderstanding each other and thinking the other person was saying something different then they were. We made a fight out of nothing.

So as a result, I got like no sleep last night, partially due to the fact I become really timid after a fight and won't like do anything, so I wouldn't pull the sheets & blankets back over to my side, so I just lay half covered and miserable.

This morning, when I actually am asleep, one of the cats decides it's feeding time at least an hour before we need to get up, and you can't exactly ignore him. So that hour was more or less blown also due to him, and one of the others who also had to chime in with her displeasure.

I can't find anything that I want to wear. I find out one of the cats puked at the bottom of the stairs, and another apparently decided to wipe their behind on the carpet after using the litter.

I laid back down to try and calm myself, and remind myself that I can still have a good day if I want to, and I just need to stop making everything seem so bad. It seems to somewhat work, so I get up and finish getting ready to go. And I go to put on a dolphin necklace I like (even if it is pretty cheap), and manage to ruin it in the process, and then throw a mini temper tantrum, and decide to give up on the attempt at a good mood.

All this, and it's not even nine yet, and I haven't even left for work. I just want to go back to bed and wake up tomorrow.

Maybe a weekend of Rollercoaster Tycoon, movies, shopping, and junk food could help...