A chain of hardcore computer stores located in North Carolina. Locations:
  1. Corporate HQ
    3800 Gateway Centre Suite 306 Morrisville NC 27560
  2. Durham
    5410-V Highway 55 Durham NC 27713
  3. Greensboro
    7021-D Albert Pick Road, Airpark East Greensboro NC 27409
  4. Morrisville
    3800 Gateway Centre Suite 306 Morrisville NC 27560
  5. Raleigh
    2300 Westinghouse Blvd. Suite 110 Raleigh NC 27604

I used the word "hardcore" in the sense that they sell everything you'll need to assemble a computer, right down to wire-gauze filters for the fans in the computer's chassis. They even have special accounts for frequent customers with discounts. My brother has received an honorary discount for a motherboard (my Asus P2B-DS with two CPU slots) because the store did not have any single-CPU models of the motherboard.

So far, I've been to only the Durham branch because it's the closest from my (smarter) brother's work place. In the Summer of 1998, I have bought a CD-ROM, a SCSI cable, a CPU, and a motherboard to be assembled at home. One year after, I have bought two SCSI connectors to connect more peripherals to the SCSI adapter in my motherboard as well as a hard drive fan. The store sells so much stuff, I can still remember what I have bought during my vacation!

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