Nexopia is an online community mainly based in Canada. Its basic purpose is to allow users to communicate by way of private messages, or public comments posted on a user's profile, which includes weight, height, sexual orientation, dating situation and living situation (all of these have the option of No Comment).

Details on a user's profile are pretty much the feature of Nexopia. There are three sections: Likes, Dislikes and About You. (These titles can be edited.) Restricted to 10,000 characters, these are constantly being edited and usually include graphics. There is the option of filling nothing out in all three sections, but that generally isn't done.

Free members of Nexopia (as opposed to Plus members, who pay for extra options) are allowed to post seven approved pictures of themselves on their profile, or eight if they include a Sign Picture (a picture that includes their Nexopia username).

One new feature Nexopia has introduced is a gallery of pictures (not necessarily of the user) for free members, limited to twenty pictures (Plus members have unlimited space).

This website has a lot of different things you can do, including blogs, submitted articles, and a plethora of forums. Unfortunately, it also a prime place for sexual predators to locate young girls. For this reason, Nexopia has been banned from schools in many areas.

Nexopia is not a terribly original idea, there's quite a few sites extremely similar, such as MySpace, that offer nearly the same thing, and all are aimed at teenagers. Unfortunately, these sites are very easy to get addicted to.

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