One of my my favourite sites, features absolutely adorable photos sent in by Cuteologists. Yes, you read that right. CO has its own vocabulary, making its glossary necessary. Some exclusively Cute Overload words include Anerable ("'Adorable' minus the hard consonants."), Ehn! ("The sound every living creature makes when it can't... quite... REACH... "), and Baroo? ("Dogspeak for 'Whut the...?' Frequently accompanied by the Canine Tilt for enhanced effect.")

Anyone can send their precious photos (almost all animals; humans can never quite reach their cute level), but CO claims they "... scour the Web for only the finest in Cute Imagery. Imagery that is Worth Your Internet Browsing Time. We offer an overwhelming amount of cuteness to fill your daily visual allowance." Only the best!

Photos (which are not allowed to be photoshopped) are organized into different categories, including Birds, Hedgehogs, Pups and Cats 'n' Racks!

Cute Overload also trademarked the coveted Rules of Cuteness! (Currently there are nineteen) Combine three of these rules (for example, the Akagami Hamster whose three rules are: #11 Cute animal + food, #6 Mimic humans, and #14 An everyday, small item makes you look small) in a single photo and voila, you have the Trifecta of Cuteness(tm)!

This site has recently grown in popularity and has been featured in a few magazines and newspapers, as well as winning a 2006 Webby Award (People's Voice).

Surprisingly, CO has a problem with controversy. Battles break out over photos quite frequently, whether someone cries "animal abuse!" or if Meg, the owner of the site, is insulted. When babies are included in a picture (with a cute animal, of course), there are almost unfailingly "baby hater" comments. Alas, even the world of cute has flamers.

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