A day like today, just a month ago, I discovered Everything. Therefore, today is a good day to make balance and enumerate some of the things that cross my mind when I think of Everything:

My life changed after knowing of Everything, I became an addict, I’m impressed, my written English it’s improving again, etc

All these things and many more (some of there are constructive criticisms, which I am not going to comment today) could be said of Everything. I have never liked chats (except for chats between friends), and I have always considered that Internet forums needed some seriousness and commitment from the users. Everything combines elements of chat, and forums, and the flexibility of a very cleverly programmed database, but what makes Everything really special is its users. I have never found personalities so interesting in the net, and I think that part of the merit comes from the fact that here you are allowed to provide meaning to your words and thoughts.

Everything invites you to be open, to forget about taboos and prejudices, to write what you think.

I don’t know what would be my future in Everything.
I just can say that nothing will be the same after Everything.

Love to all.

Daniel the naked_ape

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