Today I will be leaving for my week-long trip to Indiana. I'll be returning June 28, 2000.

During my stay, I'll be checking out Indiana University Bloomington, attending some lectures and whatnot at a cognitive science workshop.

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to do:

more on my progress in the morning.

wednesday morning

the gallbladder is coming out. although i'm less than happy about the prospect of surgery, i will be glad to not have this pain anymore. i called my mom and let her know and she said she would come down here to help out.

wednesday evening

i'm tired but in good spirits, despite the bad news. i got good news a bit later on in the evening, but i don't feel inclined to share.

juliet!!! call me!

There is something in the wind that drifts through the open window merely five feet from where I sit. It's probably carrying memories that would make me cry, if it weren't for the fact that I don't seem to care about too entirely much right now. It's the 21st.. traditionally, the monthly anniversary thing I used to have with my ex.. I hate having an ex. I hate having a history with someone and no real present. It's just something I don't like to deal with, but it's there, so I guess I have to.

They try to tell me when I should go to sleep, when I should wake up, who I should be friends with, what I should do. It's all in my best interests, they say, it may seem odd, but I really don't need anyone to tell me I don't rest enough. I don't need anyone to tell me my life is fucked up or that this isn't how people are supposed to do. I know what everyone else is doing, it doesn't need to be pointed out to me. I realize that there is more to life than the computer I spend so much time on, I'm just not sure I'm ready for any of it. The only thing that seems to soothe my swirling, insane thought'y matter is to write it here, to displace some of it. I don't want to feel like such a burden, I don't think you want me to either, but I do a lot of the time. Do you think that if this computer didn't exist, I'd spend more time in the "real world", is that what it is? I can tell that you look down on me, think less of me because I don't do what you do, but I'm so much more than you could ever know.. more than I know, even. I wish you could be happy just knowing that writing makes me happy, but I know you can't.. it doesn't make sense, not to you.

I sit up every night when I know I should be sleeping, I don't even do anything really, just write, and write.. I'm always writing and when I'm not I feel as if I should be, as if I'd love to be. I can't express how I feel about anyone or anything with my words because you don't give me the opportunity to use the words that I want to, it's like this is the only place I can use my one true voice, however silent it might be from such a distance. I'm so tired of the strange looks you give me, the laughs when I say the dreamy things floating around in my head out loud. Why is it so odd? Why do you always laugh at the things that mean the most to me? I know you're not even listening half the time.. I'd ask you what I just said, but I don't need it verified, it's bad enough as an assumption.

I'm just lonely tonight, I suppose, lonely and kind of disappointed with a lot of things that don't seem to be going as I'd like them to. I'm tired of being sick and of the haze'y confusion it has wrapped around my brain. I'm tired of not being able to write like I would be if all of my thoughts weren't weary, half-assed reflections of that which they could be.

I started listening to Pere Ubu today, freaking crazy ass great music, I love it. I'm listening to "Heaven" right now. I guess that Pere Ubu falls into the post-punk category.. I suppose I should explore the genre further on the off chance that I'll find something else this intensely neat. I wrote a node about BioSteel Goats, but I don't think it was of much interest to anyone. I think it's freaky and really strange.. spider genes. Hm..

They put the baby horse down today.. (just don't expect me to understand), I guess that's part of the reason I'm pretty down tonight. It's nearly 3am.. I suppose I should wander off to bed sooner or later. Maybe I'll have another nifty dream, like last night.. hangin' with the Counting Crows, I was chatting it up with Adam Duritz. I won't get into that, though, not right now..

I can't place exactly why I feel so distant from everyone and everything today.. I just really needed to talk to someone tonight, but there really wasn't anyone around. I suppose I shouldn't complain, things always look brighter in the morning.. and for that reason, I'm off to bed (maybe, probably not, though), I leave you with this:

"I wake up scared, I wake up strange and I wake up wondering if anything in my life is ever gonna change.." - What a Good Boy, Barenaked Ladies

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If there is a perfect usage of the word mediocre, this day is it. The day started off with a bad touch, the weather was hot, muggy and hinting rain. It hit 35C (thats 95F for you Yanks), 100% humidity. Not too comfortable. God bless air conditioning. Pollution and humidity mixes very badly, so it was a sweaty and stinky trip to the office.

I got kicked out of my cubicle! I was ticked off when I walked in and my computer was gone. Upon further investigation, I was relocated to the computer lab, which in fact has a faster connection, and three Solaris stations for me to toy with. Not that it does me any good, but at least I'm not in a cubicle any more. Unfortunately, I got even less privacy in the lab than the cubicle. Oh well, tradeoffs.

Good news, bad news. The geek girl I met a while back, also an intern, is in the same room. Bad news. She's taken! Apparently, she's got some boyfriend back in Boston who is 27 years old. She is 21. I'm 19. Shit. I'm pissed. Oh well, not all is without hope. We have flirted a fair bit, and on Friday when we got drunk she was pretty friendly. I wonder if I can slip her more alcohol or some E...... No, that's immoral. Damn my conscience! Oh well, plenty of game out there.

Nasty acid rain poured all over the street by midday. I was going to a telecommunications exposition, so much for that. That might have been interesting. The good thing was that all the bosses did go, so all us lowly members of the cubicle jungle got the office to ourselves! Whoop! Cubicle war! Fear my laser pointer, for I am the cubicle sniper! MUHWAHAHA!

9-5, get home, regular drill. Had EE lessons. God I hate circuits. Transients are annoying, and so is that phasor nonsense. Oh well, it would help my grades, so I have to go through with it. Watched a pirated version of Gladiator afterwards. Pretty good movie. I liked the gore.

What a boring day. Corporate slavery. Whoopee....... The rest of the week better improve really fast........

yet another day of telecommuting (what a word). this is boring, but at least i get free lunch by meeting up with my old supervisor from my job at MITRE. i had to clean my room! crazy shit, man.

I finally conned my SO into fetching my snail mail while she was down in College Station. Thanks Segnbora-t for the postcard and Usagi for The Onion, you made my week. I'll send you both something tacky from Texas eventually.

The summer job is really starting to get boring. warehouse work isn't very mentally stimulating. OTOH, it pays better than retail, and you don't have to deal with customers. Oh well, maybe I'll make enough to be able to appease the hardware gods, and buy a new computer this summer. (Homer Simpson voice) MMMMMmmmm, Athlon...

42! 42 more writeups to level
Man what a boring day. I'm sitting here at work staring at the monitor all full of short timers disease. I've got this week and next here, and then I'm off to the new gig.

As always at the least efficient time, some cute girlie wants to go out with me. I chatted her up last night, and we're going to go out. A basically year long dry spell, and then when it's time to move the girls show up. Ah well, that'll happen. Besides 75,000 more women live in Peoria, than the cornfield of a town I live in now.

e2's got me thinking about geek girl's. I wonder if I could run into one in Peoria? I guess I could hang around Bradley University's CS department and see what shakes out. I'll be taking some C classes there anyway. We'll see.

Oh BTW ophie -- I know you've got an SO, but I'm madly in love with you. I was, uhm, moved by your spit or swallow writeup. Laziness and hubris are truly the marks of the geek;)

It is so beautiful out today. Sunny and 80 degrees. I think I'll go smoke a cigarette and enjoy a little bit of the day. Isn't that ironic -- the only excuse I have to get into the healthy sun and enjoy the day kills me slowly.


I've got to setup a VPN for the company I'm joining. It looks like I'm gonna have to use PPTP as it's a mixed environment. I'd like to use SSH and PPP, but we'll see. I don't know about Windows connectivity to that setup, and programmers are not known for their networking prowess. Any thoughts ppl?

Somehow, I got smashed last night at a pseudo-get-together on Coors Original and Budweiser. I went to IHOP at around 3AM and was almost spit on by the waiter felt my need for salsa and tabasco sauce was absolutely outrageous. In the long run, I woke up in an apartment on the other side of town and went out to lunch with two interesting fellows named Tom and Ed.

As well, I went to work for a couple hours and then bought two cds from Parasol music in Urbana. The Rachel's/Matmos split Full on Night and Bedhead/Macha split Macha loved Bedhead. Collaboration!

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