So, today I did boss things, like having a meeting with my Subdirector of Transportation. Then I did a geek thing, and finally bought myself a Palm Pilot (the Vx model). Then, even more geekily, websurfing for stuff to make the little aluminum beast talk to my Linux machine, and interchange calendars and things like that.
In the process I reinstalled Gnome, via the super-sexy remote upgrader. That took 20 minutes, because it downloads 50 Megs of stuff. Restart X. Point Netscape at the Gnome site. Netscape starts allocating vast amounts of RAM, until it finally hits the ceiling and tanks. Duh ? Try again, same thing happens, but this time it kills the window manager.
Not Gnome: it restarts and says "Dude, you are not running a Gnome-compliant window manager". Of course not, you little fucking creature of the woods: I am not running any window manager at all.
So I restart Enlightenment, and the whole mess crashes horribly, leading to a healthy, controlled, shutdown and reboot.

In recent news, yesterday the Big Kahuna decided that since the Fisheries and Wildlife Division, where baffo works, has so much free time, hardware, and people, it should also take charge of an image bank project, and redesign the firm's web page adding a sprinkling of e-commerce. But stealthily, so that the people that are supposed to be in charge do not realize. Our heroes, Baffo and the Lesser Kahuna, bravely said "Yes Sir, would you like fries with that ?" - they know that they are already doomed. Nothing bad can happen to you beyond disaster and destruction.
"An organizational fuckup that will make dotted lines look like something healthy and pleasant", someone muttered coming out the meeting room. An example of Mexican Democracy, says I (not out loud).

In a further development, today baffo screwed around with his new geek toy instead of doing serious and productive things like writing reports that will not be read and taking decisions that will not be implemented. He declared, "yes, but I feel much better now".
In the forthcoming weekend news: Baffo's SO comes back from Bacon-n-Maple-land, needing affection, care and tenderness and expecting a clean house. Will the Italian techie be able to make her happy or will they end up yelling at each other ?

Movie at 10, but not for me 'cause I have no TV.

Note to self: learn the fucking Zope, already !