"Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts as being lazy":
Thank the gods(?) for napster! Can anyone think of a better use of digital technology? I think not. Today I'm on a soundtrack kick. Reservoir Dogs, Natural Born Killers, and Shaft have been successfully acquired. What more could I possibly ask for?

Parties galore! This weekend has much potential. A friend of mine is hosting a 3 day party here in Cincinnati. He claims to have a musical surprise for everyone which could prove to be interesting. Mr. Dibbs? Dose? Who could it be?

This weekend marks the first of two 4 day weekends for me. I took Monday and Tuesday off because Erin is finally returning from Arizona/Las Vegas. Apparently she really liked Arizona and even mentioned going to school out there instead of locally. Hmmmmm...

Things to do today:

  • Pick up some refreshments for this evening
  • Obtain no less than 20 more mp3s
  • Browse around on Gnome's site
  • Spec out new Dell server