Permit test at the DMV tomorrow (it's not tomorrow until you go to sleep), followed by a frantic run towards my employers, capped by a visit to the biblio-crack den society calls a bookstore. Perhaps a visit to the library. And my stomach's still a little queasy from over-celebration on Friday.

I haven't even glanced at the DMV booklet yet. Whoops.

1PM Update: Well, due to the dermatologist's office calling in and having an opening, no DMV, no permit, no biblio-crack. Instead, I had the fun of having a 4 mm radius 8 mm deep cylinder of flesh taken out of my chest with a dermal punch. Thank god for xylocaine - my navel piercings hurt more. And the ephidrine made it not bleed. How strange, one would think a stimulant like ephidrine would *increase* bleeding by dilating blood vessels and acting as an anti-coagulant. I mean, caffeine does, so why not? And now I've got a big bandage on my chest that's going to hurt like hell when I take it off. Hair + adhesive is a bad and painful combination.

Update: epinephrine, not ephidrine. Vasoconstrictor, not stimulant. I understand.